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 Annealing / Stress Relieving / Normalizing

Annealing consists of heating and holding parts at a suitable temperature followed by cooling at a predetermined rate.  Annealing will improve machinability, facilitate cold work, improve mechanical and electrical properties, and increase dimensional stability.

 Normalizing is typically used because of inherent characteristics in cast steel.  It is commonly applied to steel castings and forgings prior to hardening.  Normalizing will improve machinability, grain-structure refinement, homogenization and modification of residual stresses.

Stress Relieving is used to relieve stresses that remain locked in a part as a result of prior manufacturing processes.  Parts are uniformly heated and cooled slowly back to room temperature.  Stress Relieving can also reduce distortion and high stresses from welding.

Carbottom Furnace 
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Hardening Furnace

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Atmosphere Annealing / Stress Relieving Capabilities

Furnace Max. Temperature
1450 ºF
Furnace Weight Capacity
40,000 lb
Equipment List
Carbottom Furnace
Alloy Steels
Carbon Steel
Low Carbon Steel
Maximum Length
15 ft
Maximum Width
6 ft
Maximum Height
5 ft
Industries Served
General Manufacturing
Off-Road Equipment

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