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Carburizing / Carbonitriding Services

Carburizing Services
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Carburizing Services

Carburizing/Carbonitriding is a process where material is heated above its transformation temperature and introduced to a carbon rich atmosphere.  The carbon is diffused into the material and upon quenching a hard surface layer is formed.  This is usually done in a temperature range of 1650F to 1750F and can produce case depths of .010” at a minimum to over .100” if necessary.  The temperature and carbon potential are precisely controlled using micro processing controllers and carbon probes that allow for accurate case depth formation.

Carbonitriding/Carbonitriding is a process used to develop a hard surface layer while leaving the more ductile center of the part intact.  This treatment develops a hardened surface by introducing both carbon and nitrogen to the surface of the material.   Typical case depths for this treatment will be from .003” to .025” deep.

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Carburizing/Carbonitriding Services Capabilities

Furnace Temperature Range
1400-1800 ºF
Furnace Gross Weight
4000 lb
Case Depth
0.003-0.020 in
Equipment List
Integral Quench Furnace
Carbon Steel
Alloy Steels
Maximum Length
48 in
Maximum Width
36 in
Maximum Height
36 in
Industries Served
General Manufacturing
Off-Road Equipment
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