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Carburizing Services

Carburizing Services
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Carburizing Services

Carburizing is a process where a material is heated above its transformation temperature and introduced to a carbon rich atmosphere. The carbon is diffused into the material forming iron nitrides and upon quenching, a hard surface layer is formed. This is usually done in a temperature range from 1600°F - 1750°F and can produce case depths of 0.020" plus. The temperature and carbon potential is precisely controlled using micro processing controllers that allow for accurate case depth formation.

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Carburizing Services Capabilities

Furnace Temperature Range
1400-1800 ºF
Furnace Gross Weight
4000 lb
Carburizing Depth
0.020 in
Equipment List
Integral Quench Furnace
Carbon Steel
Maximum Length
48 in
Maximum Width
36 in
Maximum Height
36 in
Industries Served
Off-Road Equipment
QC Process
AMS 2750D
MIL-H 6875H
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