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Neutral Hardening

In order to achieve the correct measures of hardness, strength, and ductility, metals are often required to be hardened and tempered. Our batch hardening furnaces operate in a range of 1400°F - 1800°F with an oil quench in either a still or agitated state at 150°F - 180°F. Our tempering furnaces range from 300°F - 1400°F depending on the desired mechanical properties. We have the capability to incorporate special fixtures and racking to allow parts to be separated or oriented in a desired manor.

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New Draw Furnace
New Draw Furnace
New Draw Furnace
New Draw Furnace

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Neutral Hardening Capabilities

Batch Hardening Furnaces Temperature Range
1400-1800 ºF
Batch Tempering Furnace Temperature Range
300-1400 ºF
Batch Furnace Gross Weight Capacity
4000 lb
Batch Furnace Maximum Length
48 in
Batch Furnace Maximum Width
36 in
Batch Furnace Maximum Height
36 in
Oil Quench Temperature Range
150-180 ºF
Equipment List
Integral Quench Furnace
Alloy Steels
Carbon Steel
Low Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Industries Served
General Manufacturing
Off-Road Equipment

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